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2018 Tax Season: Expect the Unexpected

With the government shutdown over (we hope) and the IRS working full throttle to prepare for your 2018 tax returns, a word of warning:  2018 may become the tax season of surprises.

The refund you normally get may not, in fact, add up.  You might even owe money, but it could be worse!  You could go all of 2019 without making adjustments too and have it happen all over again in 2020.

Unless you made adjustments to your W4 form in 2018, there’s a good chance you’ll be scratching your head with confusion over the final numbers this tax season.

The IRS says, don’t shoot the messenger (your tax professional or payroll specialist) just make adjustments in 2019.   

Here’s the IRS bulletin to help you sort things out.

January 31 is the deadline for all employees to receive their W2 forms.

The filing tax deadline is April 15, 2019.


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