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Be a Hacker’s Headache: Stop, Look, Think

If you think your business is too small for a hacker’s hit list, STOP. LOOK. And THINK again. It’s estimated, 43% of all cyber hits are against small businesses.

What’s more, a single breach often puts the company out of business.

Our recommendation:  STOP. LOOK. THINK. Employee error is one of the leading causes of a breach.

  • STOP:  Make sure everyone in your organization is paying attention and operating defensively. Before responding to an email or telephone call, STOP.  Ask yourself if the message is legitimate. It might say that it’s coming from someone you know and/or trust but it could be a cleverly disguised hack.    
  • LOOK:   Double check the sender’s email address.  Is it accurate? Could it be a ruse? If the message is asking you to take some sort of action that would expose sensitive data, personal information, or any amount of money at risk, beware.
  • THINK:  If you hit reply, will you be playing into the hands of a hacker?  If you call them back on the telephone number they provided, will you be the next victim?   Take the initiative and contact the person you know and trust directly by using the email address or telephone number you know is accurate.  Make sure that the message you received is genuine by hearing it ‘from the horse’s mouth.’

STOP.  LOOK. THINK.  It could save you and your company immeasurably.

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