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‘Calm down!’ ‘Relax!’ Words of wisdom that truly ‘irritate.’

Workplace happiness depends on laughter, so ‘lighten up, Francis!’  It’s #NationalTellAJokeDay TUCSON, Arizona, (August 16, 2017) – How many times has someone told you to ‘reign it in.  Don’t let yourself get so wound up’ at work?  The office can be your center of stress, and here’s the rub.  Work truly is ‘what you make […]


You can be in the best or worst industry, at the highest or lowest level of position, making the most or least of anyone you know and BE HAPPY. You can also be miserable. It’s a choice you make every day. When your feet hit the ground and you finally open your 10,000 ton eyelids, […]

PRESS RELEASE: Focus HR, Inc. hits the bull’s eye hiring Tucson news anchor and community leader, Kristi Tedesco as Director of Marketing & Sales.

Tedesco promises ‘personal touch’ while helping businesses save time and money. TUCSON, Arizona, August 5, 2017 – Veteran journalist and award-winning community advocate, Kristi Tedesco has signed-on as Director of Marketing & Sales for Focus HR, Inc.  Tedesco has enjoyed a 23-year career in broadcast journalism and is joining Focus HR, Inc. in its ongoing […]

Top Mistakes Startups Make When it Comes to HR and Payroll

“Building anything great is messy,” especially when it comes to startups. Too often, startups overlook the importance of HR when they first starting out. This is a dangerous road to travel down. Did you know that in the last 5 years, 60% of companies have faced a lawsuit involving an employee? Or that the EEOC (Equal […]

The Impact of Shopping Local

At Focus HR, we are strong believers in the power of shopping local… at work! Many of us know the importance of shopping locally and supporting local restaurants, shops, and markets. But what about shopping locally at work? Spending local in the workplace is just as important. So next time you order office supplies or have more business […]

5 Ted Talks Every Small Business Owner Should Watch

1. Performance Management: The Puzzle of Motivation – Dan Pink Have you ever had trouble figuring out the best way to motivate your employees? Well in this very enjoyable and witty Ted Talk, Dan Pink explores employee motivation. In doing so, he makes the bold statement that financial incentives such as (cash, bonuses, gift cards) actually […]

Finding Quality Employees

We all know turnover is expensive, but you never quite realize just how expensive it really is. The infographic below from helps paint the picture, pointing out that a bad hire can cost a company well over $25,000 in addition to lost productivity and a decrease in employee morale. Bad hires often happen because […]

7 Ways to Actually Engage Employees

It’s proven that most employers fail to keep their employees engaged. Sadly, only 13% of employees worldwide feel engaged at work according to a 2013 study. What is engagement and why does engagement matter? To engage is to occupy, attract, or involve someone’s interest or attention. When employees are engaged with the company they work for, they are […]

5 Ways to Network with Small Businesses in Tucson, AZ

At Focus HR, we love networking and mingling with local businesses. There are a lot of great groups in Tucson that aim to connect professionals in fun and meaningful way. Tucson Metro Chamber The TMC is a networking and business advocacy organization. They help Tucson businesses grow by providing support and they also advocate business friendly ballot-matter in […]

5 HR New Year’s Resolutions Every Small Business Should Make

5 HR New Year’s Resolutions Every Small Business Should Make   As the year is closing, people are starting to look to 2015 with many personal goals whether it’s to travel, stay fit, or eat healthier… but what about setting some business resolutions. With all of the legislative changes that are happening, HR is more […]

How to Avoid the Holiday PTO Trap

Did you know that in 2013 Americans collectively lost 169 million days of PTO? Too often, employees do not end up using their holiday time so they end up losing it or they are forced to use all in December. For companies who slow down at the end of the year this may not be […]

Why You Need a Social Media Policy

Nowadays, almost everybody has some form of social media profile. And many employees are not aware of what is appropriate when it comes to using social media in the office or posting about their jobs or employers. This is why it is essential for every business, no mater what its size, to have a social […]

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