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Chamber of Commerce Members Have More Healthcare Options Now

We’re constantly working with medical carriers to offer better health care solutions to our clients and now, clients belonging to a local Chamber of Commerce have fresh options.

As a chamber member, your small business may be eligible for even more cost-effective, high quality insurance plans than if you were buying coverage on your own.

The Southern Arizona Chamber of Commerce Association (SACCA) is teaming up with United Healthcare to offer a collection of Association Health Plans (i.e. 17 medical plans, six vision plans, six dental plans, life insurance, disability insurance and UHC’s Global Business Travel insurance.)  This includes 14 Chambers of Commerce in seven Southern Arizona counties.

By going with an Association Health Plan, chamber members can access “large group” status and better rating flexibility.

 “This is another possible savings option for our clients to explore,” said Sandy Garcia, Focus HR Inc’s Benefits Account Executive. “Owners count on us to offer quality coverage that’s cutting edge.  More options is always a good thing.”

To be eligible for Association Health Plans:

  • You must belong to a Chamber within SACCA and reside in the county of that Chamber.
  • You must have 2-50 eligible employees.
  • You must meet the minimum participation requirements.

If you’d like the benefits team at Focus HR Inc. to give you a proposal that you can compare to your current coverage click here.

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