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Generation Z in the Workforce

Chances are pretty good that you’re still trying to figure out Millennials

Millennials have been transforming industries for years, forcing companies big and small to adjust and accommodate to meet the younger professionals’ needs. 

Millennials are powerful in business and now, the demographics are shifting again.  

Generation Z (aka Post-Millennials) is hitting the workforce, Socially Aware and Concerned 

Gen Z’ers started coming into the world in 1997.  They are 57-million strong and considered the most diverse group in U.S. history.  By 2020, Generation Z will make up 36-percent of the workforce.  

Needless to say, researchers are already gathering data on Generation Z.  

If you own or operate a business, we have a list of things you should know about Gen Z  

  1. Gen Z Is Financially Focused.  Workplace engagement matters less to Generation Z’ers than it did to previous generations. What’s most important is compensation and benefits.  They see work as a way to make a living, not as their primary purpose in life. 
  2. Gen Z Is Connected .  It’s often assumed that Generation Z is hyper-focused on technology, but talking face-to-face is their preferred method of communication.  Research has found, Gen Z cell phones and other electronic devices are mostly used for entertainment.  They’ll tap them for communication only when face-to-face interaction isn’t available.
  3. Gen Z Craves Human Interaction.  Since Generation Z gravitates toward in-person interactions, hiring processes should emphasize in-person interviews over online applications.  A great way to engage Gen Z’ers is to hold weekly team meetings where everyone gathers together to recap their achievements.
  4. Gen Z Prefers to Work Independently.  Millennials prefer collaborative work environments, but recent studies indicate that totally open offices may actually discourage people from working together.  An ideal workplace for Generation Z should allow room for togetherness and alone time.   The emphasis on privacy is expected to intensify under Generation Z. 
  5. Gen Z Is So Diverse It Doesn’t Even Recognize Diversity.  Generation Z is the last generation in U.S. history where a majority of the population is white.  Given the shifting demographics of this country, they don’t focus as much on someone’s color, religion or sexual orientation.  To Gen Z’ers, diversity is the norm.
  6. Gen Z Wants a Voice.  Generation Z is socially aware and concerned.  Members are seeking jobs where they can contribute, create, lead, and learn.  They’re exceptionally creative so managers should give them time and freedom to come up with innovative ideas.

“Over the past 20 years, as the retirement age continues to increase, having different generations in the workforce has gotten more and more complex.  People are working longer, forcing companies to engage with a diverse group of people,” said Sue Foster, Human Resources Director at Focus HR, Inc.  “Companies need to know how to manage several different generations at the same time.  Each requiring different engagement tactics for the same role.  You have to be familiar with the characteristics of Gen Z so you can blend them with the other generations that are already in the workforce.”

If you’d like to speak with an expert at Focus HR, Inc about connecting with your employees click here. 


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