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Why Focus HR?

Happy, engaged employees are critical to running your business success.  Effective and efficient employee support is high priority, and it’s a full-time job.  Our immediate and personalized approach will get your employees’ questions answered and their problems solved.  We have experienced, certified professionals to help you limit your compliance risks, and we will help you navigate the growing complexities of employment law.  Let us FOCUS on the details so you can FOCUS on your business.

Happy Employees + Happy Employer
= A Growing Business

Focus HR helps manage your employees so that you can be free to manage your business.

Happy Employees

Stats For Employees

Employee turnover rate is up to 14% lower for companies hiring a PEO, like Focus HR, Inc.

Companies hiring a PEO are 9% more likely to have employees understand their HR policies and feel confident when it comes to being competitive.

+ Happy Employer

Stats For Employers

70% report that their revenues have increased since becoming a PEO client.

66% report that their profitability has increased since becoming a PEO client.

= A Growing Business

Companies using a PEO saw an average 40% revenue increase from 2016 to 2017!


Focus HR has been a great asset for our company. Always responsive when we have questions and are there when we need them.
Joe Lamarre | Sion Power’s Director of Finance
Focus handles all of our benefits, payroll & HR. They have made our HR/payroll more efficient, saving us time and $$!
Christopher Maloney Jr. MD | Maloney Plastic Surgery
They are professional and down to Earth at the same time… their knowledge and expertise of payroll, insurance, HR, compensation and benefits is top notch.
Linda McClanahan | Staff Matters' Operations Manager
We can always count on our payroll being on time and accurate. Their staff is friendly and very helpful. We highly recommend their services.
Betty Stauffer | Literacy Connects Executive Director

Management Team

Tracy Cole

President & CEO

When Tracy Cole isn’t meeting with Focus clients she’s busy building and nurturing her team of HR crusaders. Focus HR, Inc. is structured around Tracy’s deeply-held principles and follows a strong moral compass. Everything is personal with Tracy, and her mission is to always do the right thing. Tracy grew up in California, attended UCLA, and became the Chief Financial Officer at a healthcare company. When she found her heart in the Tucson desert, she followed her passion into the world of human resources. Tracy will tell you, her greatest accomplishment has been raising her daughters, Katie and Allie. She also enjoys breeding and training horses for competitive reining.

Greg Stutz

SPHR, Chief Operating Officer

Greg Stutz is the definition of loyalty. He took his first job out of college at Focus HR, Inc. and, at an impressive 6’ 6” tall, has climbed the ladder of success by making landmark decisions with sensible open-mindedness. Greg graduated from Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona in 2008. With his accounting degree, he has taken Focus HR, Inc. to soaring heights, creating and implementing both long and short-term solutions that net our clients considerable results. Greg is a proud member and Treasurer of the Men’s Active 20/30 Club. He also enjoys hunting, cycling, golfing, and volleyball. Greg and his wife, Anna have a son named Brockett.

Brian Canady

FCLS, RWCS, Operations Manager

Brian Canady is a resourceful and focused protector who gives Focus HR, Inc. its extra coat of PEO polish. Brian takes care of each client by making sure they have the best policies and procedures in place for their unique situation. Brian’s a passionate football fan and local referee, so he’s studied risk and safety his entire life. His mind is always several ‘plays’ ahead of most, giving Focus HR, Inc. clients the time they need to reach their desired end game. When Brian’s not intercepting phone calls or huddling with colleagues, he’s with his favorite players of all: his son, Mack and his daughter, Sydney.

Sue Foster

Human Resources Director

Sue joined Focus HR, Inc. in January 2019 and it's been a homecoming in more ways than one. Sue comes to Focus from an exciting career in Texas where she managed a 225,000 person, publicly-traded, global company. That position was extremely rewarding, but Sue missed the Old Pueblo and her grown sons who still call Tucson home. Sue's resume is impressive, and her depth of knowledge is exceptional. With more and more business leaders expressing concern over HR management and compliance, Sue makes our signature service at Focus HR unbeatable.

Judy Hernandez

PHR, SHRM C-P, Senior HR Manager

Judy Hernandez is a genuine people person who takes pride in her service to others. At Focus HR, Inc., Judy uses her leadership skills for team-building and client support. Judy is focused on performance and satisfaction and won’t rest until she understands your needs. When Judy’s not working she’s volunteering in the community. Judy’s active with the San Pedro Valley Lions Club of Mammoth and enjoys fundraising. She’s also an experienced camper and ATV rider. Judy and her husband, Gilbert have two grown boys, Danny and J.R. They also have six grandchildren in Arizona.

Diana Abner

PHR, COSM, Senior HR Manager

Diana Abner was drawn to Southern Arizona for its warm climate and picturesque mountains, but it was Indiana where she got sucked into the world of Human Resources. For more than 25 years, Diana has taken pride in her ‘people position.’ She’s earned her PHR and COSM, she's a member of National SHRM and SHRM of Greater Tucson, but that hardly covers Diana's talents and skills in the workplace. *Side note: We think Diana should also be credentialed in the kitchen for her killer Spicy Chocolate Cupcakes! When Diana isn’t solving client problems, she's keeping tabs on her adult sons, Garrett and Austin. She’s also an expert at making co-workers smile.

Ryan Sherman

FPC, Payroll Manager

Nicknamed Mr. Meticulous, Ryan Sherman is our streamliner of payroll processes and he always delivers on his promises. It’s not uncommon for Ryan to skip lunch while working. He has a rock-solid understanding of each department and invests in everyone he meets. If Ryan isn’t creating a new spreadsheet or enforcing the latest deadline, he’s at home spending time with loved ones. Ryan likes video games, puppies, and donuts… DUH!! The man has impeccable taste. What can we say?!

Sandy Garcia

Benefits Account Executive

Sandy Garcia has been in the business of employee benefits for more than three decades. Everywhere she goes she runs into people she knows, and they go out of their way to stop and say hello. Sandy’s worked hard to build a stellar reputation. She’s proactive, instead of reactive and she's dedicated to doing her job right, the first time. Sandy will amaze you with her benefits knowledge but also her computer and crafting skills. If you give Sandy a glue gun, be prepared for a genuine masterpiece. Sandy is a mother of three, a grandmother, and a parent to fur babies, Karma and Buster. Their names should tell you, she’s seen a thing or two.

Ashley Bale

FPC, New Client Integration Manager

Ashley is the Focus Master when it comes to onboarding new clients. She is detail-oriented and gets along with every personality type. Her performance feedback is impeccable. When Ashley’s not meeting with business owners and employees, she’s tapping away at her work computer or making Chuck Norris proud! Ashley has a 5th degree black belt in the Chuck Norris style of Karate and even has a photo with the man himself! Needless to say, she’s a protective spouse and stepmother. She’s also the perfect guardian for our clients. Don’t let her sweet smile fool you!

Adam James

Technology Implementation Manager

Adam James joined Focus HR, Inc. in January 2019 to bring an array of technological advancements to our clients' fingertips. As Technology Implementation Manager, Adam's primary function is to help business leaders leverage the offerings on our digital platform, making it easier to manage current staff and to recruit new employees. Adam is a native Tucsonan and self-proclaimed 'aviation geek' who graduated from Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona. Adam will tell you, he has no desire to leave his hometown. This is where his parents and siblings live, and it's where Adam belongs. We hope he stays at Focus forever!

Kristi Tedesco

Marketing & Sales Director

Kristi Tedesco hit the ground running when she joined Focus HR, Inc. in August 2017. Kristi helped spearhead a new image and branding campaign and even captured our company’s essence with the tagline: Protecting People and Performance with Principles ~ Focus HR, Inc. Kristi will tell you, she’s a workaholic with ADD. She’s a proven multi-tasker and relationship builder who’s not afraid of any project on Pinterest. When she’s not watching her sons, Jonny and Connor play sports, you’ll find Kristi and her Chocolate Lab, Hershey at the swimming pool! Kristi grew up in Tucson and graduated from the University of Arizona in 1994 with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Kristi works directly with business owners to help them streamline their processes and protect their interests.

Scott Thomson


Scott Thomson joined Focus HR, Inc. in 2005, two years after graduating from Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona. He is the master behind thousands of daily client transactions, countless stacks of paper, and overflowing work baskets. Through Scott, Focus HR, Inc. remains a well-oiled and efficient human resources machine. He’s our guru of financial policies & procedures, controls, and reporting systems. When Scott’s not in ‘control’ at Focus HR, Inc., he’s searching for another film to watch or a new piece to add to his memorabilia collection. Scott’s day-to-day responsibilities include employment tax, medical benefits, and ‘payables’ transactions. Scott is also our ‘go-to’ guy for tech problems! When Scott’s not working, he's playing video games, playing cards, and miniature gaming.