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Spring Cleaning is Digital, Don’t You Know?

Clearing clutter is an annual tradition in many households and office spaces, but the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and Better Business Bureau (BBB) want you to clear your company’s digital clutter too.

Digital spring cleaning should include personal data protections.  This will make your business more secure and your employees better protected against identity theft.

“It’s a great reminder that we also have ‘digital clutter’,” said Sandy Garcia, Benefits Account Executive at Focus HR, Inc. “If you’re like me, there’s a LOT to tidy up.”

So, let’s get started on that digital dusting!

  • Clean your Machine.  Update the software on all internet-connected devises to reduce malware and other security risks.
  • Delete Unused Apps and Update Permissions. Rethink Bluetooth and GPS access.
  • Lock down your Log-Ins. Uernames and passphrases aren’t enough to protect key accounts like email, banking and social media.
  • Ensure that all Devices are Password, Passcode, Fingerprint and/or Eye-Scan Protected. 
  • Secure your Router.  Use a very strong passphrase and make sure your network name doesn’t give away your identity or location.
  • File Purge.  Clean out old email, empty deleted folders, and archive saved messages.
  • Delete or Archive Older Files and Outdated Financial Statements. 
  • Copy Important Dates and Files to a Secure Cloud Site or other drive for safe storage.
  • Password Protect Back-Up Drives. Keep them in a separate location, off network.
  • Unsubscribe from Newsletters, Email Alerts and Updates you no longer read or need.
  • Update your Online Relationships.  Review your friends on social networks and contact lists.
  • Update Your Online Presence.  Review your privacy/security settings on all websites you use. Delete old photos or content that’s no longer relevant.  Avoid sharing personal details that put your security at risk (e.g. your birth date, your pet’s name, etc.)

Data privacy and protection is the highest priority for all clients at Focus HR, Inc.

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