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Time is Money: Pick your Workers’ Compensation Partner Wisely

If you hire subcontractors to help you complete business projects you know how important it is to get their certificate of insurance for Workers’ Compensation.  Without that paperwork, your own workers’ compensation carrier can charge you more for doing business.

It’s imperative that proof of coverage comes quickly because delays are costly and nobody has time for that.

Choose your business partners wisely. 

Make sure you understand their process for providing paperwork.   

When choosing a Workers’ Compensation partner, make sure you ask about the timeliness of obtaining certificates of insurance.  Subcontractors often see their paycheck delayed because of hangups.

“Our clients never have to wait for certificates,” says Brian Canady, Operations Manger at Focus HR, Inc.  “Our Work Comp department makes issuing timely certificates a top priority.  We pride ourselves on having certificates issued within minutes of receiving a request.”

To learn more about the benefits of having Focus HR handle your workers’ compensation click here.

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